Differentia Design and Management Ltd. was formed in March 2003 to respond to the demand for a total consultancy service that would provide informed advice not just for the design and installation stages of projects but throughout the life of buildings – from inception through design, construction, operation and refurbishment to replacement.

We are able to provide this unusual wide-based and highly ‘client-valued’ service by having, over the years, broadened our individual design and site management skills with project management and strategic facilities management expertise.

Total building services engineering consultants you can trust

Vision and Approach to Our Work

Our approach to the task in hand often involves taking into account relevant issues well beyond the boundaries of the client’s brief itself.  This results not only in a better design; it creates a natural evolution of the service itself.

The result is that we can provide the following services:

Traditional and ‘Business Critical’ building services design and site management;

Strategic Facilities Management and Project Management of fit-out projects.

* More detailed information on each   service is available on request.

The key services we provide include:

Resources and Training

As well as possessing excellent professional and technical expertise, we are trained in leadership, management and communication skills.  This provides us the necessary platform needed to make those informed decisions, which are paramount in delivering the client’s expectations.

Track Record of Achievement

We are proud of our proven performance record and all the reasons behind it. We believe our very high customer retention rate indicates the quality of our service, especially in an industry so intensely Competitive.  We believe the reason our clients come back to us is because our service is responsive, personal and gives added value.  We do everything we can to meet the requirements of each organisation’s unique business practises.

Attention to Detail

We pay close attention to every aspect of

an assignment from the biggest problem to the smallest detail.  In addition, while working with each client, we learn about their business, their overall services infrastructure and identify any operation, maintenance and comfort constraints and weaknesses.

User Feedback

During the design development stage we address those items and then invite user feedback.  Experience has shown that this creates a common culture of care and response with the client and his/her operatives and as a results leads to greater overall satisfaction with the services provided.

Risk and Reliability

Our approach is to understand the client’s core business in sufficient detail to be able to deliver consultancy services that will fully support the primary goal. The optimisation of cost and value based on the client’s stated priorities underwrites our approach to risk management.

We are committed to innovation of all our activities by the cautious application of new technology that is supported by appropriate and accountable management. Our research work has shown that the improvement of building performance comes from applying well-managed technology and not simply from the technology itself. We strongly believe that this background will be valuable to your future projects.

Based in Enfield, London, we work with clients all across the UK and some in Europe. Please get in touch for a confidential discussion on how our services can help.